Where Am I

To reveal my location now on map there is a tool Where Am I right now. This tool is to reveal where I am right now located which also includes my address, my Location County, city, state &GPS longitude, latitude &coordinates.

Share my current location

If you want to place the current location on a website, use the following link.

Where Am I Right Now

indicates your recent location on maps & lets you sharing your town, street name, current address, city, suburb, county, state, nation you are in, which mile indication you are at, close by attractions, hotels, hospital, gas station, malls, stores, etc. This website is extremely useful to at once know your present surrounding & location details on Google maps or here.

My Location

To reveal your location the tool what is my location uses geo location. So as to do that, the tool requires approach to your location. Once the browser suggests you to provide website Where Am I for accessing to your location, kindly choose yes or permit access. If you choose no, the tool where am I now will not know how to locate your location.

My Location Now

The tool where am I now works for both mobile phones & desktop computers. But, if you by chance own an Android phone, you may install the app where am I . The app where Am I has maximum of the web tool functionalities excluding IP address lookup. It even has certain additional features which the web tool doesn't have for instance allows to you to save addresses as well as coordinates for upcoming reference. For instance, you may save all your friends addresses, or any location which you travel that you wish to return to later or just share with your pals.

Latitude and Longitude

Latitude is the angular distance of a place north or south of the earth's equator. Longitude is the angular distance of a place east or west of the meridian at Greenwich, England, or west of the standard meridian of a celestial object. Degree of the angle of latitude and longitude are between -90° and 90°, and are usually expressed in degrees and minutes.

Latitude and Longitude

To share your present location with somebody might be useful for personal safety reasons, communication purposes, know your locations when you are on travel or allowing your managers know your present location. To share your live location with Where Am I Right Now is simple. Load the website whereamirightnow.com into the web browser, & use the keys sharing the location on Facebook or Messenger, or WhatsApp; or copy the above link the likely address of the location & sharing it through WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS, Email and/or Facebook.

How it works?

A browser's Geolocation feature of HTML5 together with the API Maps JavaScript is used in the website "Where Am I Right Now" to know your recent location on the map. The longitude & latitude values are used in this API to obtain the details of the present location from Google maps or here.

If you access this site with a desktop PC with Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox, the API Geolocation uses the network direction-finding addresses to guess your existing location. As soon as you access this site with your smart phone (Android mobile or iPhone), the API Geolocation uses the internal GPS gadget to know your existing location on map & provide you full information: your current IP address, complete address of location, suburb, town, city, district, country, state, time zone, county, zip code, sunrise, sunset, GPS coordinates & map coordinates. To find the close by landmarks, restaurants, motels, schools, parks, hotels, stores, hospital, gas stations, building, malls, mile marker, apartment, etc., just check the map. Your recent location appeared on this map is not the accurate location, it's an projected result of the location.

The gadget uses the geo location feature offered by the browser. In GPS coordinates format the geo location knows the existing location. On the site visiting, the browser will ask for your consent to access the geo location data. In order for it to work you need to let the tool to get access to your location.

Major Uses

Contrary to additional location sharing services, Where Am I Right Now provides the time with geo-location info. When you share your location, also the time will be shared together with the geo location. It is a really helpful location sharing service that never tracks your personal information. Situations where the services Where Am I Right Now is really handy. Reporting Present Location

Just by copy & share the link on SMS you can share the location info on Messenger, WhatsApp, & Email to report the present location & time info to your manager.

Child Safety

In some situations if you are a parent, you can efficiently use services of Where Am I Right Now to find your child’s present location versus time for safety reasons. You can set this site as a browser’s homepage as a parent of your child’s mobile device or request them to go to whereamirightnow.com & share the URL of location to get to find your child’s present location.

Location & Close by Landmark Detection

It is extremely helpful when you are in the places that is unknown to you. The service can be efficiently used to identify the street name, apartment name, nearby places and & close by landmarks of the present location on maps. You may use such details to let anybody to know your location if essential for information reason. Once you access the website, automatically the Where Am I right Now detects your present location, its nearby places & close by landmarks on Google maps or Apple.

Location Note & Taking Time

After going to various travel places, you can access this site, copy the URL location & save it as a private note, together with your videos & photos.

FAQ (frequently asked questions) - Where am I

Do you save my location?

No, we don’t store the location. After you quit the website, the location is gone forever.

Is it possible to move the map everywhere?

Certainly, you may discover the close by regions by moving the map everywhere.

If it works on cell phones?

Certainly the tool where am i works on every cell phone device & PC on condition that you have the location feature facilitated on the phone.

If you have any APP?

Yes, for Android we have an APP that you may free of charge install it. On Android you can install where I App. is at present, we don’t have the iPhone version of this APP.