Where Am I App

On the Play Store the App Where Am I is available for free to download. With an average grade of 4.2 it is one of the top My Location apps for Android.

The app where am I right now for android permits you in finding or sharing my present location.

My Location App

The My Location will display your present location in longitude and latitude setup in addition to the address. There are several techniques that you may use in my present location tool. Below are some situations.

Find My Location

1. If you get lost and can't locate your way out, you might ponder what my present location is. At this moment our tool My Location Now comes to rescue. You will locate the accurate address along with the lat long, also you will find the map of present location.

2. If you wish to see somebody at a particular location, still you are not confirm what the address is. By using the tool you can see my present location and later share the link with that individual.

Where Am I Now

So as to you to get your location now and know how to see the lat long, address & the map properly, on your phone you have to enable the location. Else, tool what's my location wouldn't know how to find your present position. We will not store your data & will never share your data with anybody.

My Location

You will be able to share your location with other individuals using the present location page. You may even save any location for future use.

Moreover, you may search for any latlong or address & locate the position on the map. You may even change any latlong to address or vice versa. If you have any queries on this app Where am I, simply contact us. today itself simply Install the where am I app.

Latitude and Longitude

Latitude is the pointed distance of a location south or north of the world 's equator. The angular distance of a location west or east of the height at England, Greenwich, or west of the usual height of a planetary object is Longitude. Extent of the angle of latitude & longitude are amongst -90° & 90°, are mostly stated in minutes & degrees.

FAQ Where am I

How does it work?

The device utilises the geolocation feature given by the browser. The geolocation has the present position in gps match up format. The browser will request for your approval to get the geolocation data on visiting the website. For it to work you will have to let the device to have access to your position. Does it store my position?

No, we don’t store the position. As soon as you exit the site, the position is lost lastingly.

Can I shift the map from one place to another?

Yes, you may travel around the close by vicinities by shifting the map all around.

Does it work on cellular phone?

Yes, if you have the feature location authorised on your mobile the where am i tool works on any cellular phone device & laptop.

Does it have any APP?

Yes, for Android we have an APP that you could be installed free of cost. on Android download where am I App. Presently, we don’t have any iPhone variety of the APP.