On Google Maps find your location

Feeling lost? Not certain where you are at present? The app "Where Am I" revels your present geographic location, together with longitude & latitude, on Google Maps. The geolocation service is offered on both mobile phones as well as desktop computers.

To find out the spot the location finder service utilize the Google Maps Geolocation API. It revisits the location derived from your cellular service towers, IP address location & WiFi nodes which your cell phone can find out.

Simple steps to Get Present Location on Google Maps

1. on your phone or tablet Go to Google Maps. Search the map sign with a "G" at its corner top-left, and you'll see it on one of the app drawer (Android) or home screens (iPhone/iPad).

2. On the map locate the blue dot. The tiny blue circle signifies your present spot. The soft blue cone nearby the dot displays what direction you are face. If you do not find the blue dot, hit the icon with blue-&-white compass on the map on the right side & display it now. It appears like a triangle pointed up on iPad/iPhone, or a circular target with four extended lines on an Android.

To zoom in for a closer look Double-hit the blue dot. You may even use the nipping sign to zoom in or out. On the map drag your finger to reposition it if needed. You may hit the compass at the base-right corner to re-centre back to your present site.

3. Hold & Tap the blue dot to drop a pin. Remove your finger after the red pushpin emerges on the blue dot. A section with info regarding your location may show.

4. Hit on the pin panel dropped. It's at the base or side of the map, depends on size of the screen. This expands the map to show info on your location, as well as the street address (on the top), & the longitude & latitude coordinates.

On the menu Click what’s here this shows your present location address & longitude/latitude coordinates at the bottom of the map in a box.