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To find your IP location & IP address there is toll called as My IP Location. The IP address tool reveals your PC’s public IP address. If you used a proxy server or a router, then the IP address displayed will be your proxy server or the router.

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For finding your IP address my IP address is a tool in ip lookup.

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Why must consider applying a VPN (Virtual Private Network) if privacy is key to you, for hiding your IP address personal. If you wish to locate GPS coordinates & address of your present place, simply use the tool my location.

There are many methods to locate geolocation of any client: to name a few Cell Signal, HTML5 API, & IP Address. Combining the IP address with a geological location is the technique we used to offer geolocation info. There are times when you require to discover where your web visitors are approaching from.

FAQ on IP-based Geolocation

1. What’s IP-based Geolocation?

Mapping of MAC address or an IP address to the actual-world geographical location of an Internet-linked computing or a cell phone gadget is IP-based Geolocation. Geolocation includes mapping of IP address to the nation, district (town), longitude/latitude, domain name & ISP amongst other helpful things.

2. Where will I obtain a database on IP-based Geolocation?

There are a few commercially existing databases on geolocation, & their accuracy as well as pricing might differ. Tamo Soft, IPligence, Ip2locationDB-IP, Ipinfo & MaxMind, provide a tariff -based databases which can be effortlessly incorporated into a web application. Maximum geolocation database retailers provide APIs & example codes (in PHP, ASP, .NET & programming Java languages) which may be used for retrieving geolocation info through the database. We use several commercial databases to provide a free geolocation info on the website.

3. How perfect is IP-based Geolocation?

Exactness of database of geolocation differs depend on what database you use. For IP-to-nation database, few retailers declare to provide 98 percent to 99 percent accurateness though usual Ip2Country database accurateness is more like 95 percent. For IP-to- District (or town), accuracy range somewhere from 50 percent to 75 percent if neighbouring cities are considered as correct. Believing that there is no approved source of IP-to- District info, 50+percent accurateness is not bad.

4. How the IP-based geolocation works?

ARIN Whois database offers a method to find contact & registering info for IP sources listed with ARIN. The IP whois info is obtainable for free & determining the nation from this database is comparatively simple. While an organization needs a section of IP addresses, an appeal is presented & assigned IP addresses are allotted to a demanded ISP.

Even though it would be great to be capable of finding exact location of a visitor, it is nearly impractical to find accurate place of a host offered its IP address. But there are devices available to help in identifying accurate address of the host. ARIN Whois database offers a method for finding telephone & enrolment information for registered IP resources with ARIN.